Painting Tips(number 1)

Painting Tips

Tip number 1–The right brush….

selecting the right paint brush for the job..The right brush will make the job so much easier, do not purchase just the cheapest brush they have.Select better grade brush for easier, smoother,lines..Spend extra couple dollars , this way you can clean it out easier, for future projects or future touching up ..I use Purdy paint brushes , clean easy, last long time,nice clean lines ..brushes pictured is 3 inch xl- glide tapered end brush,,,

I will be posting tips on my blog so stay tuned,,if you have  any question s on painting please ask me,,img_1524


  1. I’m glad I found you….I’ve always loved decorating…& have developed a new interest in painting.
    Whats your opinion of the roller? Is it the best choice when doing large walls?

    • Yes. Purdy makes very nice rollers, these in particular hold good amount of paint and makes it quicker to roll out wall… but they do have different thickness for differ textures of the walls

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