Painting Tips(number 2)

Welcome to a few painting tips I will offer..This tip is for choosing a good roller for the job..Once again choose a roller that may cost few more dollars, but in the long run it will make for easier smoother job..I enjoy using Purdy rollers,(example in pic )..This roller is a Purdy Collossus.These type of rollers are good on rough textured jobs and even a smoother wall.After you are done with the job or to do more on another day these easily clean up for future use……..After you choose a good roller try not to just buy one those roller trays to roll out of..I recommend you get a 5 gallon bucket,, a roller grid for the bucket…Using these will make job so much easier,, and bucket will not try moving on you as you dip your roller ..Any question on painting please email us, and I will answer them..thank youimg_1528

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