Refinished Door Projects

This post is of a few more doors that I took from old and worn to bright and cheery..As we can imagine the cost of replacing solid wood doors , that completely redoing them is a viable cost option,, yes it is a process involved in doing them correctly but worth it..Every one of these doors were worn, ugly , flaking or just battered by the Florida sun and salt water..For a good job keeps these steps in mind,, first use a good quality stripper, after stripping use a wood bleach to even out color of wood,, then you would neutralize the doors from the harsh chemicals,,the sell this or use vinegar.. after those steps ,,conditioned the wood for even stain coverage and prevent blotching of wood,,pick a stain color of choice(wipe off any excess,,before apply poly first apply a sanding sealer to even out training and for sanding purposes .,your final steps are apply two coats of a good poly/ varnish.. Florida doors need high quality uv protection varnish.. Some of these steps use chemicals that could be irritating to you,, wear protective clothing and mask


    • Yes.. what we use now is the product sikkens .. which was designed for marine use.. has high u v protection and does not run or sag.. the product dries slower than others but works brilliantly

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