Florida State Fair( Our Trip To The Fair

Welcome to the 2017 Florida state fair..As week decided to go to the fair , us and 2 teenage grandkids …The experiences we had were absolutely fantastic.Yes yes, we had a fabulous time,,first getting into the fair had some traffic but the wait time was not bad at all.. good job traffic guys..Once inside the fair, oh my it was huge .. As we got there st a time(which was sort of planned), to be there as morning crowd was leaving and before  night crowd,, worked out perfect.. We for most part went up to a ride and got right on basically no wait..As night fell lines got little longer but not to bad at all.. The amount of food vendors is crazy,, I seen foods that’s you only see st the fair..Also plan on playing some games, you have too it’s a fair must do ..the lines at concessions was basically no lines ,, there were so many concessions   That lines were not a problem.. bathroom lines once again no problem..They had lots and lots of livestock shows . That we could not do everything there ..we were st the fair for 6 hours and did not cover the entire fair.. So so much to do, you will get your money’s worth(oddest thing there was actually they had live cattle births, I did not expect to see that..)so our experiences at the fair was absolutely amazing. The people , vendors,shows ,the traffic directors ,all in all it’s a must do if you ever have a chance


  1. I once went to the Sarasota County Fair in Florida from my home in Eagle River, Wisconsin. I have family members who live in Sarasota. I flew home and was walking down the street in town and a young man crossed the street to speak to me. He said, “Didn’t I see you in Sarasota, Florida, a couple of days ago at the County Fair? Now that was amazing!
    I love state and county fairs. Seeing live births must have been fascinating. Talk about entertainment!

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