Painting Tip(1 Coat or 2Coats

Do you decided to do some painting around your home,You decided on a color but are unsure of how much to buy.This question can be answered by how many coats to apply to my walls ..We see in the commercials guaranteed one coat coverage on certain paints.Yes we say less work get it done faster.Then comes the question are the claims legit, will one coat be all I need.As a pro and have seen some of these products actually work in one coat..As for me my simple rule for deciding this no matter what paint you have chosen..Here are the tips,,any time you change either the color or the sheen of the finish product I apply two coats..My reasonings are if you apply say satin finish over a flat finish ,,the finishes tend to flash or show streaks in coverage…Two coats help to prevent this,,, as the same with color changes ..With color changes the cutting in tends to streak some and may show old color..Just remember change color or sheen apply two coats…

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