House Paint Failure

So it’s time to paint your house..Yes you go to your local home improvement store ask for paint and materials to do the job..Well one thing most will not tell you is before you paint .. think of the prep.Prep is more than caulking a few cracks . ,, but Prep includes the walls themselves..You pressured washed your exterior walls ,and you see like a film still on walls after cleaning,,You can tell if the walls have this chalky residue by rubbing your hands along the walls ..If a residue is left on your hands… you must seal the walls before you paint..You ask  the paint salesman about the residue,,, he said this is best paint they have..Well my answer look at the pics ,, as you can see the paint did not adhere to the walls..,,look at the mess left behind after the paint has failed..In the final pic is one brand product that we use to seal chalky walls..all paint stores have some type of chalky sealer ..So spend the extra dollars and little extra time and do the prep…Have a great day and thanks

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