My Hide A Bed (final recap)

Well my hide a bed project has come to an end..please feel free to look at the other step by step recaps from earlier post ..As I started the project big question was building this item inside a mobile home.Well it wasn’t easy trying find good structures to screw too ,but somehow I got it’s up and fold up and down very nicely..One thing I did I made removable legs for back bed to fold down onto.originally I was going to do legs fixed and when bed was folded up it would have been used as a shelf..But with high quality and wood thickness just started to get to heavy..So I cut and screw 2×4 together to make removable legs and will have quick bolt go thru them..Actually it works very well..I stained the bed because I did use quality stain grade wood and used two coats sikkens gloss coating..Gor the mattress I ordered online a 10 inch memory foam mattress for just little over 200 dollars delivered ..great bargain I found on this mattress ..luckily I did make the frame correct and mattress fits..IMG_1935.JPGAnd it is very comfortable..I do day I enjoyed making this project and I am proud of the results

So please look over my other steps on previous post ,,Any questions on how or what I did please ask and I will answer

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