My Colonoscopy Experience

This is little short personal experience for my first ever colonoscopy ..For those who may fear this process I’m hear to say it’s worth the hassle for peace of mind..Once I knew my date I did some research to try and make sure I make the process little easier on me..After my research and talking to doctor .. I personally decided to do my own pre prep beginning on Monday.(procedure was on Friday).So I decided to really lighten my meals and really increase my water intake.(which I do already).I went to a more liquid type breakfast for me carnation instant breakfast ..(cutting out my high fiber cereal).. surprising I wasn’t really that hunger..But in mid morning I did munch on few crackers to curve hunger till lunch..At Lunch I had a sandwich on white bread( I cut out whole wheat  bread)..I stopped all red meat after Monday and went with tuna one night and fish another night..and just canned spaghetti o,s one night.. the day of prep I had light breakfast crackers and instant breakfast…During the day I had some jello and broth from soup…

I started my prep solution(after it’s been chilling all day).. at 530 drank 8 ounces every 15 minutes.. oh the taste not as bad as I thought but to make it easier I took drink and chased with just sip of the sprite .. This made it so much more tolerable ..I know they say done eat anything but after research I did find out you could nipple on some crackers to cure the nauseous feeling you get.. this worked for me..Also I was informed that sucking on a gummy bear can help with ease..which I did.. but this is only my Way always check with your doctor first..Well I finished last drink at 1100 at nite.. Yes the bathroom is your friend which I say a chair close to mine and watched television.. got lucky they were close together..Well during till about 1200 am I was ok was tolerable.. but for me about 230 in morning cramping and uneasy feeling hit me.. I was very blah and tired at this time..but the process worked all nice and clean and compare to some horror stories I feel mine experience wasn’t to bad.. I think this is to my pre planning and prep and the night of just making taste and nauseous better by what I did ..

Well here I was yes hospital pictures look horrible..well I got great news Colon was excellent and my prep the doctor said colon was perfecty cleaned..So luckily I eat a good diet and don’t drink or smoke  maybe this made my colon in great shape..Healthy after 50..that’s my moto..well next one in 10 years..First thing do early prep makes it easier nothing works for everybody and always ask your doctor first everyone is different …Thank you for letting me share

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