Fit Over 50(my nitely bike rides)enjoying life

This is just quick little post about how  I decided I’m not to old..Yes being over 50 but feeling like I’m 30.This is due to losing over 40 pounds, exercising,, especially how I am enjoying my bike riding.Every night I go for a neighborhood ride this is tonite stats as I just got this app .. But I am now going to on weekends to start doing adventure rides,, exploring differ areas , parks and scenic rides ..As I stated I’m over 50 but I feel 30,,I feel alive and want to enjoy my life to the fullest..It is amazing how just a few lifestyle changes has made me feel so well.. trying get rid all negativity and understand all people and just listen .laugh n love.#.never to old#fitover 50..Domithers just feel alive and do you have any pointers for me as adventures more life choices ..How do you feel🙂🙂🙂C7EF768A-6797-4156-A1FC-569C3191C9DD

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