My Adventure Bike RIDES(weedon isle preserve)

Today asI am riding my bike more and more,I decided to do a ride outside of my neighborhood..Every week or as I can I’m going to explore new areas to make my rides more fun..Today I actually ride from my home to Weedon isle nature preserve..This meant no taking my bike to an outside area.. As I left my home feeling alive and made my way to entrance of the preserve , I realize why is there so much traffic today ,, To my surprise there was an 8 k race going on also.. so between runners and bike riders was a busy day..Since I started to ride I only invested in a lower priced road bike that came from target..Well as I’m giving it my all these guys on those expensive bikes come blowing by me like I was taking a break ..But that’s ok everyday I am going longer and faster.To be honest I just feel so alive when I’m riding I don’t need fancy bike or clothes ..#fit over 50 is my life ..As I work toward healthier lifestyle without going crazy about it..So please read my future adventure rides come on my journey with me.(or if you got any advice for me..


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