My Roast And POtatoes

Welcome this is just little quick roast and potatoes I made for dinner.116C2BF2-27F9-419C-B13B-9F7A116AC2FE.jpegas you can see these are the ingredients I used in this meal..The potatoes are red skin potatoes with skin left on.after I chopped into bite size pieces . I added virgin oil chopped onion green peppers and garlic..and added salt,pepper,old bay seasoning,cayenne?parsley . Mixed all ingredients as shown into a bowl with the potatoes and just kind of shocked and mixed them all together ..The roast I made about 1/2 inch score lines and massaged into the roast the virgin oil .and with excess of above ingredients I rubbed the mixture into the roast. The roast was then put into a pan and potatoes spread around the roast…I then heated the oven to 350 and let roast cook about 2 hours..After it reached 155 degrees I removed from oven and let it rest covered for 15 minutes…thank you for looking…


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