Mandarin Oak UniSex Cologne(product review)

521CC7EE-5B8A-4ABD-92CC-53EB041D07D1hello I just had to do a product review on this cologne.Was shopping at bath and body works and saw this cologne there, it is a unisex cologne for both  men and women..Made by C.O. Bigelow ,  cologne  named Mandarin Oak..I have to say I love this. They have several differ scents on this product line , and they all were very nice and is a pic of top notes in  this cologne..B331AFE9-0EBE-46ED-9119-3B791D557D09.jpegThe smell and the aroma is very pleasant , bottle size is 3.4 oz.. price was 45 dollars ..So my final thought if you are in Bath and Body give it a squirt and try..This was based on my own experience which I bought the product myself..



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