Sirloin Sizzle Steak(Whiskey Basted

This will be quick little recap on my Sunday dinner, which on sundays I try to make some sort of chef inspired meal.Today is sirloin sizzle steak in a whiskey basted .I picked up meat at store this morning along its onions, garlic,olive oil , jack daniels whiskey,butter,Very simple recipe ,I first chopped onion and garlic  and set aside,, I scored the meat and rubbed with olive oil and generous salt and pepper on both sides..I took oil , butter and garlic and onions and simmered those till brown, then set these aside,I then oil pan and cooked the meat on both sides to get a nice little seer.,Then I placed the meat in a 350 degree oven and cooked to around 150 degrees inside,As meat reached 150 I heated up a pan and cooked my whiskey down for 1 minutes, then added the ingredients from earlier and a little more butter..This in turn made my basting sauce for my steak. As the sauce heated up I place meat in pan and continued to baste to my liking , which was around 4 to 5 minutes..After I basted to my liking I laid meat in pan and took the left over onions and garlic place atop the meat , covered and let it rest for 10 minutes

I do have to say over time I been getting better by knowing my temps and not over cooking meats,This meal to me came out best I have done as juicy and meat temps..


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