My Adventure Bike Rides(Lake Seminole Park)

Welcome to another of my adventure bike rides.Today I went to Lake Seminole Park,nestled in pinellas county Florida in the city of Seminole..As part of my fit over 50 ,never to old, getting into shape, I try to make a weekend adventure ride to make fitness a little more fun..Today at this nice huge park.that has plenty of picnic areas, plenty parking, numerous lakes in and around the park which leads into a huge Lake Seminole waterway,with a boat dock and plenty of good fishing , boating , kayaking ,skiing..Also thru out the park are volleyball courts, baseball field, play areas for the kids ,For the adventurous people there are several walking trails ..And great waterfront views as you stroll the lakes ..

As you go toward the back side of the park there is a really neat 2 mile  trail that is paved for bike riders, walkers or joggers..This trail is cut thru the wooded areas which you can see wildlife and nature in its natural state.The outside part also runs along the waters edge for some great views ,,I really loved this trail , it’s nice n wide for every one to enjoy,So thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more adventure rides with me.


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