What’s constricting your life?

Moments With Cynthia

What is allowed that is contrary will try to paralyze you from moving forward!

For me that constrictor is Comparison.

Like a snake it came in and has wrapped itself around me. As it wrapped around me loosly, sizing me up, seeing how I am build, seeing how I function it then begins to tighen its hold. With each comparison it tightens the grip to where it gets to the place your feet cannot move any longer. Your lungs grasp for air. The pressure of your internal organs begins to be felt where if it tightens any tighter it can cause everything to shut down.

What happens…

I have allowed too much comparison to happen where it has made me immovable and when so tightly bound its hard for anything new to pierce the constricting force.

Put there is one power that can pierce the constricting force. There is one…

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  1. My constrictor is thinking about past pain. It is so stupid! I can’t change what has happened and I usually don’t spend time thinking about it, until this time of year. This is when the painful time began and it continued into February. Time heals all wounds but doesn’t always shield our minds from drifting backward and revisiting it! I will try to focus on gratitude this season and replace those old “why did that have to happen to me” thoughts with “thankful the outcome went this way” instead. Happy holidays! 🙂

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