Happy Birthday(holiday birthday’s forgotten)s

  • Well it’s the holiday season and that means yes Happy Birthday to me.Yes as you can imagine having a birthday during the holiday season means not very much celebration or sadly as a child no gifts..So who else can relate to this.Yes growing up there was no birthday party no birthday gifts (one of your Christmas gifts was also the birthday Christmas combine gift,,Coming from a poor family it was understandable ,But you can imagine as a child feeling just little left out, when brothers and sister who birthdays were later on got some gifts,but that’s ok..So even as I grown older I never really celebrated my birthday and never really got gifts ,,Am I complaining maybe just a tad ( lol),I just thought it was an interesting subject, in this day and age do you or your kids have a seperate celebration for your birthday or is it still to much to ask .What am I going to do for my birthday this year, yes go to work and then I will maybe go get something to eat,,yessss I’m a party animal,, .So. Join me in my blogging birthday party ,,yipppeeer. Thank you for having fun with this , love you all


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  1. Well happy birthday whatever day it is. I didn’t see an exact date!
    My birthday is in June so I’m sorry I can’t commiserate but I do have a friend with the same predicament and I make sure to send her birthday and holiday greetings!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! My dad and 2 friends birthdays are on boxing day and my cousin is on Christmas eve. Since my ‘big girl’ job is in retail I haven’t had a chance to celebrate these birthdays with them in 14 years. So, although, it may not be my birthday. I understand! I just gave my dad his birthday present tonight. (but I always make sure his birthday and Christmas are seperate. As with the others. I don’t do Birthmas! That’s just rude!)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! 🎂🎈🌹💝🎆🎇 May this be your best year ever!

    I’m so sorry you missed out growing up! My youngest daughter’s birthday is on Christmas Eve, but I always made sure she had a special day, celebrating her birth, the same as I did my other children. She married a young man who’s birthday was on New Year’s Eve. Her name is Carol Eve, his was Carroll Edward. They had the very same initials after marriage.

    Born in ’65?! You are still a baby! 😊 My youngest son (my baby) was born in ’62. I tell him he will always be my baby no matter how old he gets. He just LOVES that! 😬

    I’ll be thinking of you on your birthday, wishing you well. Sweet Blessings! 💞xxx

  4. Happy birthday! I think it’s sad that you don’t get to celebrate your birthday. My Nan was born on Christmas Day and she loved it. The day would always start with her ten children singing her happy birthday, then giving her a birthday present they had all clubbed together to buy. After that, everyone had Christmas presents, but Nan was treated extra special for the whole day. It was one, big celebration.

  5. Happy Belated! 😀 Mine was on Dec 28th lol no wonder we made fast friends! I hope the holidays have been treating you well and I wish you nothing but happiness going into the New Year 🙂 Just catching up with my reading and writing so I’ll be sure to catch up with your words. God Bless <3

    • Happy birthday to you,, yes I have missed you , look forward to seeing your words of faith ,stay out of trouble tonite as you celebrate the new year,,best luck in 2018🌹🌹🌹

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