Blood Pressure(Yes it’s now under control)

Today as I went for my monthly monitor my doctor finally said your blood pressure is under control. For the Last 3 months and weekly monitoring ,it has stayed steadily below normal range..Back story ,, for years for some reason I have always had high blood pressure ,but like a fool I ignored it.As the years went on and I seen my first wife die very young and others die young .I got to the point that it’s time to get somewhat healthier.For the last few years after several surgeries and injuries I got lazy on the staying active part of life.Yes as what usually happens the weight creeped up the energy loss and just being tired all the time..So after I reached the age having to start my 50  and over checkups and test.My doctor once again stated his concerns with my high blood pressure, after monitoring for few months he stated change lifestyle or it will be meds for me.So I decided I wAnt to be around for long time.As I already quit smoking(, great first step, )next came getting rid of sugar in my diet ..By eliminating sugar from my diet amazingly the weight started to melt away.Little by Little my blood pressure was coming down .Then came my active lifestyle getting back on track,My love and passion for bowling ( and my dream).And I started to ride my bike lots..As if you follow my blog you know I do bike adventure blogs,,making bike riding exercise fun and so enjoyable.And finally one of my biggest thing,, stress , eliminating stress , can we eliminate all stress(no we can’t).But I made a decision to love life ,enjoy life and not focus on bad stuff,,I became so much more friendly,more interactive with just about anyone,I walk up to someone if I like there hair or clothes I tell them just to be friendly and happy.And I found many bloggers I interact with ,who make doing my blog so much fun and enjoyable,Am I the most greatest blogger or writer,hell no I make many mistakes but I love doing this , it’s a great stress release .So today I had another appointment with my doctor and amazingly my blood pressure had been normal for 3 months now,,I admit I feel so much better, I can  physically tell the difference ,So Ill keep monitoring it keep up my diet ,keep up my exercise and make it fun , enjoyable and an adventure.So let’s have and enjoy.If anyone else have tips to give me to keep it under control please text me.


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