Grandkids Homemade Mugs

Every year the grandkids make me something special for Christmas /my birthday presents.So I’m sharing my mugs they made me this year.I love Little Homemade projects by the kids,As I got a wall full of some special items that the kids made thru the years.These are  the items that money can’t buy,but are always the closest to you heart.thank you for stopping by . Happy new year friends.CAD4A7BC-04BC-439B-8E1E-48A7B8AB8D23


  1. You are fortunate that your grands step away from devices and actually put their hands to work and create something wonderful for you. I can’t even illicit conversation from mine. They drive me crazy.

    • The younger ones who make these,, are limited to there devices by there parents,,I have done other grandkids are glued to the devices,, lol

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