30 Years At The Same Company

As the new year has come and holidays are gone and my birthday has passed .I now celebrate how I have worked for the same company here in St.Petersburg Florida for 30 years .Since the 1980’s I have worked at this job first for the father and now the son who runs the company.I can honestly say that I love my job and what I do.As you can probably figure out in the pic I am a professional painter.Taught by my dad out of high school ,this is pretty much what I know.Yes it’s not the most glamorous job or even the most lucrative ,but I get to meet many people and the scenery changes all the time.With this job I get to do many interesting types of work some of which I share on my blog,I do furniture refinishing,Door rehabs ,stain work,pickling finishing on wood and bricks,Make overs of bookcases, fireplaces.As the years have gone by most of my projects now are the more finer finishes jobs.Ad the higher ladder work is left to younger guys.(lol),when we can find some to work.)So after 30 years am I ready to retire,, haha no way,Everyday I get up and do not regret not doing an office job .Yes the years have worn down my back and legs and arms from climbing and carrying around 40 foot ladders ,I have met some really good old time painters from back in the day,who taught me lots, My Dad , Warren(nicest guy ever )And the original owner Chuck.These 3 taught me lots of this trade .Yes it’s different today more about production instead of great quality work which I take pride in,Please look at some of my projects on my blog .So 30 years no regrets and I still look forward to it everyday day.Had anyone else spent long time at there jobs,,


  1. That wood door is beautiful! And even better that you love what you do. That’s the important thing. The longest I was at a job was 5 years and then got laid off because of the oil and gas industry. I’m not going back!

    • Yes usually when I do those doors , they are so beat up from Florida sun and salt from water, so I get to bring them back to life 🙂

  2. Me too, 30 years in the same company. There will be a year 31 but no year 32 … probably. This being said, I am the opposite of a good painter … otherwise I would have repainted most of the ceilings there ! Have a great time, Renew or Redo.

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