Painting Tip (cutting in a straight line a“simple trick”

  • Hello and welcome to my painting tips.Today I will show you a simple little trick to help cut in a straight line on your walls to a ceiling .With today’s houses having textured finishes on both the walls and ceilings , sometimes to get a nice straight line is not that easy.The project here both surfaces have an orange peel finish , so what happens is the textured is also along your corners which makes it difficult ,
  • Ok first thing is too make sure you do have a good quality angled brush .
  • Next is the tool you will need for my little trick.a five n one painters tool/scraper/putty knife.AF2B03A9-65F0-4F8E-BD5F-6A8C5981ACC1
  • something like this one shown.
  • next thing you do I will show in a video below,is you slightly angle knife into ceiling and run knife edge gently(not to hard or you will cut tape joint )along the wall and ceiling edge
  • 4b43b2d1-457d-4a61-95e6-f7f313b04397_dvd.original

    As you can see slight angle into ceiling which makes just enough of a channel .

  • next video I’ll show how brushing into your knifed line.


  • As you can see making the straight line now is a much simpler task,just take your time, use a good brush,slight upward cut with the paint tool, not to hard,and with  the paint brush just use edges of bristles into your scored line,,
  • Just simple little trick, if you ever have Painting questions please ask me,.


    • Benjamin Moore..color number is is (spirit in the sky),,it’s really nice color in person also

  1. Oh, What a tip! I spend time and money and nerves to attach a tape to the ceiling to protect from unwanted paint :D. Thank you for sharing!

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