My Kitchen Wall MakeOver

Hello and welcome , here are just few pics of my kitchen walls makeover.Each piece was individually done by me.Materials were ,,just differ shades and types  and colors of paints, sandpaper , crackle medium,brush,.There was no right or wrong way into designing each piece ,I did do each piece then hung that piece to be able to get an idea on how to design the next piece ..Few of the techniques used were just taking paints and thinning to get lighter , washed out looks.Another technique is just plain old sandpaper , just sand off the finish to achieve the look you want.As you see in some of the pieces are crackle finish,, you can buy a crackle finish medium at most any stores that sell Painting supplies ,,As you can figure there are no right or wrong way to achieve a finish you like,,I am sharing this little project so you can get an idea of how it can look..

Definetly a unique way to put a little color and design to a small wall area..Another great project you can use these finishes on would be,, fireplace surrounds,  headboards, accent walls, porch walls,back splashes,table tops,even on a floor…If you ever have a question please ask me,,,


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