Thomas Kinkade(commitment to caring collection)3rd piece

  • Thomas Kinkade
  • commitment To Caring Collection
  • name:::Heartfelt Hope
  • number::4388 A
  • this is the 3rd item from this collection.This Collection was started to help with Alzheimer’s research.
  • i have several more from this collection so please check back for future pieces.
  • I really enjoy these items and sharing them with you.


    • For most part those are worth some money,,, back few years ago I use to do ebay ,, which is a lot of work ,, but if you want to get rid of them a easier way look for local general auction and they can auction those off for a small fee,, resellers go to local auctions for stuff just like that,, I use to go to 3 auctions a week,, that would be best n easiest way if you want sell them ..

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