ANEMIA(Have question for those who self help for Anemia(Anemic)

Hello fellow friends,I am posting looking for people who are anemic and who just face this issue on there own..First off thank you for reading , as I just recently visited my doctor he has noted in last two blood work that I am below the levels for anemia..He has stated at the time that we will monitor closely as he wants me to try and get my levels up on my own..So I’m asking anyone. Who is doing this  , what are you doing and how are you doing .My doctor just told me to do research online for information and as you know there is lots to take in.He has informed me that on my next blood work up if I don’t start raise on my own  then he will go more in depth and further testing..I’m not sure if this is best way to go but he has been good about not over medicating me ,As for years I suffered from high blood pressure and now for 4 months straight it is under control and really good numbers, by doing it on my own..And another thing was my high cholesterol which again by self help and discipline those numbers are also coming down ..So as I will try and work on Anemia issue is why I ask for anyone who has been thru this ..Or if you highly suggest a differ approach please recommend to me..I know anemia is easy for most part to control , but I do know understand what on some days why I felt that way I do.So thanks you for any info you may give to me,I respect all my fellow readers ..THANK YOU0B58E430-8BF7-47CF-8831-D092088F21FF


  1. My sister has anemia as well, she found out about this a year ago and has been taking iron supplements ever since. As well as that she changed some stuff in her lifestyle she started eating food that help increase her red blood cells such as meat, leafy greens ,etc. According to her, she started feeling better as time passed it does take time though specifically that she was at a very bad health situation because of other implications as well!
    I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions 🤗

    • Thank you as far as food to increase red blood cells,, does she have one that is the best for her,, my bad thing is I’m not much of a veggie eater ,,

      • She eats a-lot of red meat and fortified food for example iron fortified pasta. The thing she really like in her new lifestyle is iron fortified food as there is a huge selection (rice, cereal, pasta, juice, etc you can find iron fortified options for all of them). A tip is to have a little from foods the contain high calcium like milk or cheese as these slow down the absorption of iron. In terms of what worked best for her she doesn’t really know as she changed her diet as a whole and took supplements at the same time, so she doesn’t know what may have helped the most.

      • Ok thank you so much I will look into suggestions,, so happy how people take time in There day to help with info❤️

  2. Do you like beans? Baked beans are good to raise iron. Red meat is the best, like steak. Prune juice is good too.
    I’m anemic at that time of the month so now you know what I do 😀

  3. There’s different types of anaemia so that is why your doctor wants you to try raising your blood count yourself. I would go to a healthfood shop and buy an iron supplement plus eat the foods others have advised.

  4. Sorry to hear you are facing this health issue! Several years after I became a vegetarian, I went to donate blood and found I had become anemic. My solution to this problem has been the regular use of my iron skillets. For the sake of convenience, I had cast them aside when the non-stick variety became the rage. After I started using them again, my anemia went away.

    My Granny taught me to cook. She used big iron skillets to fry chicken (Southern style!) and pork and to make gravy. (I don’t remember us ever having beef, come to think of it!) I was given my own iron skillets when I married and still have them. If seasoned properly and taken care of, they will last a lifetime. They will probably also provide all the iron supplementation you will need for a lifetime! 😉

    I read an article long ago that when cooking in iron vessels, iron molecules are released and absorbed by the food – to use them whenever you cook. But I tried the iron pots to cook beans and vegetables and didn’t like them as they will rust and are too hard to keep seasoned because of the fluids needed to cook vegetables. However, since using oil or grease when cooking with the skillets, they maintain the hard layer of seasoning much more readily. They are still being sold and I’m sure Google can provide all the information you may require on how to season and maintain them.

    • So interesting ,, why I love people on here,This is something I never heard of or thought of,, what a great idea,, thank you ever so much

      • You’re most welcome! Another thought, if you have trouble finding one or just like the adventure of a treasure hunt, I found some great old iron cookware at thrift shops over the years for my girls. It doesn’t matter if they are a little rusted, just scrub them up with a Brillo pad, season them and they are good to go!

  5. PS: They sell iron cookware now that has some kind of non-stick finish (and cost a lot!) These are not the kind I am speaking of, but the old-fashioned, solid iron no frills variety.

  6. I was highly anemic when I was a vegetarian. I had to take iron supplements plus eating lots of beans, green veggies (especially spinach and kale) and nuts and seeds. All good healthy snacks and high in iron!

  7. First of all iron supplements will lock you up! Constipate you like hell. And then you will be in misery. Liver supplements and also slofe iron supplements are easier to digest.
    This is something I went through for over a year before needing an iron infusion. I don’t know if you exercise but if you run, runners and men and women that work out can be low iron. I hope they did your ferritin, iron, red counts, platelets and also other iron tests. There are many. If so, what is your ferritin level.

    • They are going to run the other test on my next appointments ,, no I’m not a runner, I can’t run due to all hardware in my legs from bad accident,,.good to know about the iron side effects,, I’ll let you know when I get test test done

  8. Spirulina tablets has everything that you will need to help with anaemia. I would get the tablets over the powder as it’s not the greatest tasting and certainly not what you want to drink but just make sure that the brand you buy are naturally sourcing the ingredients. Recommended to have about 9 grams a day for the best results on treating anemics which will generally mean taking 3 tablets 3 times a day so just with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are a couple of links to some studies if you would like to read more 🙂
    Actually this is a study done on elderly people from both sexes and that on all participants it had an positive effect after 12 weeks of supplementing. –

    I wish you all the best 🙂

  9. Along with supplementing your iron, be sure to get plenty of vitamin C, since vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron. In fact take it with your iron, or take your iron with orange juice.

    • Thank you ,I didn’t even think of the vitamin c, I will take the iron with orange juice that works out perfect🙂🙂

  10. I’m anemic as well! My levels range in the 7-8’s when they are supposed to be between 12-15. Here are some suggestions as to what I ate to bring my levels up, maybe it’ll work for you as well!
    Peanuts (if you like them/aren’t allergic)
    Refried Beans
    Iron pills
    Ground Turkey (if you are like me and not a big fan of red meat)
    Red Meat (if you like red meat instead of turkey lol)
    Snacking on pumpkin seeds
    Hope this helps!

    • Thank you,,I like peanuts as a snack,, but I didn’t know this about them,, good to know

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