My Greatest Achievement(High School Diploma)as a homeless teen

Yes you read that right my greatest achievement was finishing high school.You ask why is this so great?I want to thank those who have encourage me to finally tell my story .For many years I was ashamed of being homeless and hungry.The story starts as my family decided to move to Florida ..As a 16 year old in after two weeks here my parents informed me it was time for me to go.So I got a job washing dishes for a restaurant for 3.00 an hour,Since I was only 16 I could only work so much.Well as you can imagine , I made at the time about 75 dollars a week.So trying to find a place to live and be able to eat was not happening.So some times I would live on the streets and occasionally I would be able to rent a cheaper all included room,For most part homeless on weeks where I needed something for school or wanted to eat,When I was able to get a room I then would have to eat out of the garbage .Where I worked they made you pay for meals,.So I would dig scraps off the plates after waitress bussed the tables.and grab them out of garbage.No Shame I did what I could.On weeks where I didn’t have a room I knew of place that had storage shed in back where I shared with another homeless man.So people ask where is Mom and dad, oh they are around but never checking up on me.I felt so alone as the last two years of high school i lived like this.There was no dating , no life , no childhood,.The following year I got emancipated and that help because now I could work more,Many nights i worked till mid nite then had to be at school at 7 in morning.Now this is the early years before there was no programs like today or as many shelters.Plus I was so lost and scared That many of times I wanted to commit crimes to be able to survive.Few times I went looking to rob someone, but I never did do that.I did not want to be a felon I wanted to prove I could do it..Well as years went by I struggled but in I did it I got my high school diploma,My Most Greatest Achievement ..Once I got out of high school I switched jobs and met a friend, and we became roommates ,Yes this helped some.As far as my parents ,was I upset , yes but I never ever held it against them , why I don’t know,At the age of 21 I met best thing ever for me until her early death 15 years later,Thru the years between stepkids and step grandkids (never had kids of my own).I never let anyone ever go hungry or needing,I worked two jobs if I needed too.As we come to today , the last few years my mom and dad have been very ill,people ask me did I turn my back on them,, I absolutely did not.I made sure bills paid, they had food,fixed their home, doctors appointments,Took them in as they recovered from surgeries ..Am I bragging hell  no that’s what you do, no matter what they did to me..Funny thing is in a conversation this was brought up by family member about what I went thru,, my mom and dad refused to even apologize to me for it, they say it didn’t happen,Told the family member to let it go it’s ok,,But thru the years as my homeless and sexual abuse as a young child and teen(.This will be in another day to talk about this being a male.)Thru blogs and other help groups ,I  am not ashamed of who I was,,But all these years of dealing and then helping and making sure  my stepkids were taken care of..The only thing I ask as I am now is it would be nice if just someone came to me and said thank you and just say can I buy you a cup of coffee..Yes someone will comment to me and say I’m an asshole for asking for that, that I just did what a father/ grandfather : a son should do,, maybe they are right, but it would be nice,,🙂ThAnk you dear friends and bloggers ,Some of you helped me tell my story..❤️❤️😛


  1. Yay!!!! The Dalai Lama said “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.” Which makes that one hell of a success for you.

  2. We are more alike than I thought! I still can’t talk about my junior and senior year in high school. Good for you for making it and doing what you had to do to make sure you came out okay. I wish kids today had that kind of drive.

    • Yes we are, thanks to lots of people who are able to share the lives they endure, I finally am able to let a lot of things out,I realize it’s ok to do so..have great day and don’t you work to hard🌺🌺

    • Thank you , many of people have something they go thru , fellow bloggers helped me share my experiences 🙂🙂🙂❤️

      • Yes, I know what you mean. I was thrown away by my parents too, when I was fourteen years old. Only, instead of putting me out on the street, they put me in a state insane asylum. One of those huge human warehouses that was closed and torn down twenty years ago.

        Like you, I did not know how to tell my story. I was ashamed. But thanks to other brave bloggers, like YOU, I am letting go of the shame and sharing my truth.

      • I think there are few of us from back then,, I love finding people who can relate and not just look at you like who cares,, I am always a single to chat with people, it helps so much, and I’m sure you even had to deal with other issues also that go hand in hand ,, slowly I’m letting go,, many hugs to you now and forever❤️❤️❤️

      • Thank you so much. Yes, you are right, I have had to deal with a lot of issues that went along with what happened back then. I am writing a memoir now. It is difficult to write, but also healing. My book’s title is: Growing Up Crazy.

  3. Such a sad and empowering story! Thank you for sharing. You are an incredibly strong person! If I ever met you, I would buy you a coffee and listen to your stories. We can learn a lot from people who have had to fight to survive.

  4. I am beyond moved by your story. By your perseverance. By your suffering. By…just everything. I am almost beyond words. I am so happy for you that after all of the abandonment you found love. True love. I am so sorry that she is gone but that you experienced love is such a beautiful thing.
    Now I know why I feel for you…my husband went through similar things. He was homeless as well. At the same age. Men like you and him can become what you have become. Honorable, full of integrity and love and kindness and inspiration. I am proud to know you.

  5. You are incredible! For surviving, thriving, being the strong loving man you are! Why the hell did your parents do that to you? I’m sorry but I am angry at them on your behalf! However, I am impressed beyond measure that you hold no grudges and you have lived your life in a loving caring way! Hugs for you, lots of them.

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