Danica Patrick(her final nascar race)

7FE3D5A4-A66D-4EC2-92DE-7FDE1904AFE8Today I’m posting on a much easier subject.This is just to wish my girl Danica Patrick on her final Nascar start.The Daytona 500 marks her final Nascar start and her next to last race in her career.Her final race will be the Indy 500.Love her or hate her, no matter what with what she went thru on the track she hung with them boys.She never backed down or give up.I admire her, yes I admire her.Yes you hear lot of untrue crap about her driving but as an ex race car driver , I saw the flashes ,No matter what Danica, I loved you as a driver and as an idol,Best of luck to you in your 500 double .Your true fans will miss you forever .And a final thought,,,THANK YOU

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