Florida State Fair(few pics)

2018 Florida State Fair,Here are a few pics from a fun time at the fair,Never a boring time, many rides, lots of good Fair food,live stock shows, exhibits of all types,,Just wanted to share with my friends ,,

Also here is a video of a cool turkey


      • I was watching some of the kids doing horseback,, not sure what they were doing , I hear announce say like , trot or then say walk, or short steps , several different types of commands , was interesting to see the horse be able to vary how the moved,, what is this called if you can make out what I’m trying to say,, lol

      • There are different divisions of a competition 1.Walk, trot, canter or 2 dressage or 3 jumping and I’m sure a ton more. She competed for a number of years but hasn’t ridden in awhile. She loved jumping the best.

      • She would do different events. Like in one arena was just walk trot and one would be walk trot canter and then they would do some sort of…can’t find the words…memorize a jump series. Shoot my memory is not right for these words. But either way I loved to watch her on a horse.

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