Theater Room MakeOver ( metallic ceiling steps

Today was the day the metallic finish went on the ceiling.The color chosen was called Platinum.37EC0388-08AA-4989-903D-7F85F5CC4A04crescent bronze is material name and at 125 dollars a gallon.To apply the finish a 3/8 nap roller and a mini roller were spaying in this procedure.I don’t know If anyone has used metallic paints but to get a even finish always keep a wet edge and  after you roll a section use very light pressure to knock down any roller tracks.ED4AC930-730A-4E70-BF4A-B793BCFB1FD3once you start the project do not stop, until completely rolled , I know in pics it really doesn’t show the true size of the room but it’s about 20×20 feet .Its a good size theater.The lights and vents in ceiling will also be done but with differ technique .It is hard to get bright pictures of the ceiling until all electric is turned on .

Tomorrow hoping to be able to start the walls for they are also going to get a aluminum metallic finish.If you ever do a metallic job and it’s a small one the spray metallics from like Home Depot work excellent and is a lot less hassle.On these larger projects just make sure you have good quality equipment and materials.Keep a wet edge,roll into corners with a mini roller, Then roll into your cut with your large roller ,do not overlap more than 1/2 inch, and to get rid of a roller track just use very slight pressure with roller .So tune in as I start the wall finish and thank you for stopping by


    • Yes , it’s like going to a regular movie theater ,,, it’s going to have everything in there, when it’s all done

    • Lol , I have the same issue, I go back and read my blog and I’m like what was I spelling,, thank you also , next eeek I’ll have the walls done

      • Ya.. I have that issue too. Luckily my father reads my blog and points out all of my mistakes!! In my 30s and my father still needs to point them out! 😉💖 and I I can’t wait!! (did you say eeek instead of week purposely to make me feel better?) 😂😄

      • No lol. I use my phone for my blogs, and my old eyes and my fat fingers mess up all the time.. proofread jim

      • Hey! I was giving you a free out! You should have just said ‘oh, I didn’t think you’d figure it out! I was trying to make it SEEM like I made a mistake to show you how common it is!!’ 😄🍻

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