Wanted Shoe Help For Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)

7374A8EC-4224-44C7-83FA-A2B53A07640BHello friends, I’m looking for recommendations for best shoes for plantar fasciitis / heel pain.A few years back I really messed up my right leg,  had 4 breaks in my tib/fib.and had rods and screws inserted.So after the surgery I do not walk on the leg correctly and foot is kind of crooked.So now over the years the wear and tear put on my foot has now caused so much pain in the heel.So shoe shopping is just ridiculous to me,I am currently wearing Skechers and I do use padded inserts .They do help some but if anyone has any good ideas on what shoes they have used or know someone who uses a specific shoe would be very helpful.Thank you for any advise and have great day..


  1. There is this wonderful store here (I’m sure they are online too) called Foot Solutions. A great Brand name shoe for plantar fasciitis would be Visio. I will warn you though, it is NOT cheap!

    • Visio.. oh I know they ain’t cheap , I bought some from happy feet, spent a lot of money and they sucked, except the kenkohs are great , I’ll check out Visio

  2. I don’t have special shoes, but what took care of my plantar fasciitis were heel seats from heel that pain. https://heelthatpain.com/ I bought the heel seats, wore them for 2-3 weeks and haven’t had pain since. That was at least 6 years ago. If not longer. I hope you find a shoe or insert to get some relief.

  3. My daughter had it and she needed PT so she had to roll her foot around on a baseball, stretches, massage, ice, she needed inserts in her shoes by an orthopedist too. It was extremely painful. I’m so sorry you are having it!

    • Yes it is painful, I use inserts some are good some are bad,, I went to do calledstores that sell ortho shoes,, I may have see an ortho prob , to get custom made ones ,,

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