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21D1A12E-5487-4329-B051-AA5CF5DC51CBI am Me,what does this mean,my life I have never asked for anything,never bothered  no one,helped when all possible, forgave those that Miss treated me, or forgot about me,worked hard my whole life, took care of my responsibilities ,cared deeply for those who needed it,so why am I here complaining because some day I want someone to come to me and say thank you, yes maybe I should not ask this , someone will tell me asking for a Thanks is wrong and I should be ashamed,but after all these years I’m tired, I’m so tired


  1. Dear James, we want to thank you for all you have done to make this a better world.

    We want to apologize for all those who were so caught up in their own ego that they forgot to consider your feelings.

    We want you to know you have been a Blessing to this world and all who have ever known you.

    We want to hold you in our arms and tell you it isn’t all a waste, that every single second of thoughtfulness, of caring for any other, of unselfish action on the behalf of any other that you have ever performed has been recorded in the Book of Life.

    We wish you to know that you are not alone, have never been alone and will never be alone. That you are surrounded right this moment as you read this by a band of Angels. That they never leave your side. That they love you unconditionally – always have and always will. That they have been with you since the beginning and will be with you until the end. If you ask and believe, they will give you a sign that they are with you.

    We want you to see yourself for the good man you are and to know that you have made a difference in this world. We wish for you to learn to love and appreciate yourself for all of your wonderful qualities. For as you do so, you create a field of Love around yourself that serves to insulate you from discord and heartache and attract those others into your life who will love and respect you.

    We want you to know the Universe is with you. That you came into this world to serve as an example of unconditional Love and Forgiveness. It is not and has never been you that were lacking, but those others that did not see, hear and cherish you and your gifts. You can feel good about having done your best, whether they were receptive or not. It is so noted.

    Be at Peace, Dear One, and know who and what you are. When that realization is accepted by you, your healing will begin, your HEART will open once more and the fear of being hurt will dissolve.

    We enfold you in our Love, NOW.

    The Grandmothers

    • From a fellow grandparent, I want to thank you for your very kind words ,may god bless you everyday,and I do believe that an angel does watch over me,,😀😀😀💐💐💐

  2. The Grandmothers already said it all, much better than I could hope to. But, thanks, James, for being you and for what you do.,

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