Theater Room MakeOver (wall covering )

After a few weeks finally got to put the first coat on the theater walls.After a metallic bronze type finish on the ceilings,the owner is going with a metallic aluminum finish on the walls.

As you can see in the pics how the metallic with the gray primer background will just soak right into the primer and give it a flashy look.This is why it’s a must to do at least two coats of the metallic . With this theater size and one half of the room having a round wall ,makes doing metallic aluminum  finish difficult..I am eager to put the finish coats on to see the end results.In the next pic is a little wall above the door with finish coats.

As you can see in these pics how much more solid the finish does look,..As soon as we receive more metallic paint I’ll be completing the walls .Please stay tuned for this projects finished stages and in a week or so I’ll be furnishing the entry doors and the inside staircase and the rails..💐

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