Exterior House Painting(chalky walls)

Welcome  to a little tip if your are preparing to paint the exterior of your home.Spring is coming time for outside home cleanup.You decided to paint your house , first you pressure wash the exterior.Then after you wash you start to put the paint on your house, well for most part this is wrong.As I have seen many of times a crucial step that is forgotten, and that step is to seal the walls,No I’m not talking about primer but a sealer just for chalky walls,.Well some people say what is that, case in point just the other day my niece was about to paint over severe chalky walls.You ask what will happen, Well first to see if your walls are chalk, that’s easy just rub your hand along , if it has a residue then you must use a chalky surface sealer.What if you painted over the chalk, Well your paint will just peel off and blister and bubble.So you have major paint failure and now have even more cost to redo .What products to use every paint store has a chalky sealer.Even Home Depot has .A good product from Home Depot for this is kilz klear,, Not kilz oil primers But kilz klear.here is a pic.47EBF40D-C13E-4BF7-96F8-C2F45F5C1A96this product works very well for chalky sealer,and it’s a latex base paint.if you have any questions about painting please ask.


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