Sorry Friend

Have you ever hurt someone by accident, by tthinking you were doing the right thing , but didn’t realize it was wrong .You just wanted to be a friend and be there but didn’t realize that you came off wrong , and maybe didn’t think it all the way thru.To those that I have ever done this too I never meant no harm .That realizing you hurt someone’s feelings by accident just made you feel so low that you just wanted to give up.Im sorry to the past, present or future things I have done.


  1. I pretty much do this in a daily basis… Sadly, I have foot in mouth syndrome where I do not think before I speak… Lucky for my a lot of my friends and family realize this now, but it’s caused me a lot of grief with new people that I meet. And good thing the the interweb allows me to edit before I hit send!! (although I STILL say stupid things from time to time!!)

      • Exactly. Actually, sometimes I find that text based conversation can be even worse.. I try to use as many emoticons as I can so people know I’m happy and don’t take things the wrong way!! 💖💓😄👍🍻🎉 lol!!

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