Entry Door Refinishing Project (Finally started, update number 1)

Well since the theater Room MakeOver is put on hold due to wrong paint being shipped .Today I started the entry door rehab project.On this project the doors will be stripped and refinished inside and out.So as I got started here is a pic of the stripper I’m going to use and just few basic tools.

This stripper here was purchased at Home Depot.As I found out this product is not a paste base but you use a small spray bottle .Also please wear a pair of gloves as the mist will burn you , and it does smell little bad also, so open a window if using inside.CAD9C23D-97CC-4ECD-9ADB-BFF8E5E5820E.jpegas you see in this pic after spraying a section how the old varnish starts to bubble and crackle.After about 15 minute set time just simply take a putty knife/scraper and scrape away as seen in next pic .959629A7-2454-4052-8C79-41688F8959A7now for most part this process will take several applications to remove all the varnish and stain.

Well as seen in these pics how differ the top inserts look after being stripped .The stripped areas still need sanding and then a finish sanding and wood bleach.Tuned in each day for updates on how this rehab project is going .Thank you ever so much for stopping by.0


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