Entry Door Project(think we have a color

CB69E0F9-5F16-44BD-8060-713069118776Well looks like we have a color chosen for the door project.CCA2692C-8FC0-418C-AF8E-18087E9913C6the color is provincial from min wax .as a sample area we did the section above the main doors just as a test area for the owners to get an idea,Since these are in a sort of darker entry area they will look little more darker in afternoon hours.The owners wanted darker for in the morning /afternoon these doors are in the brutal sunlight.Which they look lighter and as the doors may fade over time .in order to do these correctly before even staining the wood, I apply a pre stain conditioner so the wood will not blotch.After about 30 minutes apply the stain.After the staining process apply a sanding sealer.This helps even more for protection and for leveling of the poly.The poly used for this project is sikkens.Known for its durability and high uv protection..Can’t wait to do the doors for they will look awesome .Stay tuned for further updates ,, and I am also starting the rehab on a staircase.


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