Staircase/Railing MakeOver Project


This staircase/railing makeover project.Yes I have 3 projects going at once on this job site.The owners are rehabbing this house so each day I complete a step on one project while that’s drying I do work on another project.(Somedays there are to many other subs on the job so

Well as you can see it’s outdated and kind of drab.Gone will be the silver and light colored wood.After doing some sample today,see pic

As you can see they want to go a black for rails,But not a gloss black, so as an sample I sprayed this section a flat black and then sprayed with a matte clear finish.Before the spraying the rail area was sanded and most of silver color was removed .The clear matte gives it just that dab of a sheen and also helps with protection from getting banged up.Now for the wood areas the want to just slightly darken the woode So we are going with an all in one poly/stain combo.As you can see it’s just a tad darker , this way if need be I can just add a second coat to darken it up.We shall see what they decide.So keep up with my future updates as I explain more in detail.2FEA01B5-7539-44D0-AA3D-48F113F9EEFD.jpeg


    • They think silver look is to office looking,, under the aluminum color is gorgeous stainless steel I could polish up,,

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