My First Tournament Back(since my injury layoff )

Well today I decided to compete in a bowling tournament since returning from injury 6 years ago.6 yeRs ago I had major surgery on the nerves of my right hand and put my competitive bowling on hold.Years ago I put my bowling career on hold because of serious injury and major leg surgeries..So my drive to compete as a pro was gone ..Then a about 3 yeRs after that accident I made a return to the game.Them 6 yeRs ago I lost all my strength in my right arm and had too have major nerves surgery done.Well after that I said hell with it my dream of a bowling on pro events is done.So this year. I decided after I gotten some what healthy that I am going to try and still live a dream and bowl on the PBA50 pro tour.Do today I took first step and trying to do few local tournaments .Well I did ok for the 4 game block I had only 4 open frames ( which were only splits ).and spared myself crazy..I was able to cash and felt very good on how I competed..So I am still trying to live out a dream.Never give up..B7EA208B-98FD-4A28-A0A1-79FCAD70C225.jpeg


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