Graco tc Pro cordless sprayer

Graco tv pro cordless sprayer.Yes I decided to take the 500.00 plunge and give this thing a chance..Well I just used it for first time today (which I’ll do blog on that project ).Purchased this one from Home Depot ..I actually have to say I did step by step directions that come with unit ,and to me it was easy to set up and easy to use and easy to clean it up.This unit came with a 5-14 tip which for this job is little big,so I just ordered a new fine finish 2-10

tip..The batteries do charge fast and on the project first coat I used only one battery..(cones with two )of course using one hand it get little heavy but worth it.Thw finish that this 5-14 tip left was a nice finish..I have to say this it’s so much easier with out a cord to get in the way ..The over spray issue to me was not that bad at all..So fo I think it’s worth getting one,,so far I love mine..

I’ll talk little more about it after the project is done

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