Built in Cabinet Makeover

This little project was on a pair of original built in cabinets .They decided to get rid of old laminate wood look and paint them to match rest of trim in the house ..First step was to scuff up

the cabinets and primevthem

with gripper primer ..5EF7B56B-F2DC-4299-8A14-BC270C9E3E8Cafter the cabinets were primed , all open seam areas were caulked and any defects were patched.

For the painting process we masked off the floors and the walls around the cabinets.These cabinets were painted with sherwin Williams oil based paint.

in a previous post I did review on Graco cordless sprayer ,Well I used that sprayer on these cabinets with great success ..I actually sprayed two

light coats so the paint would flow to a nice finish..

I’m very happy on how these came out, and very happy with the sprayer,,


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