Childless Man(the sadness I feel)

Hello and welcome,this is a very personal post,that touches me dearly ..

The reality of being a childless man at 50 years old.

yes i never had any children of my own,I helped raised a son from my first wife from the age of 7.Yes we are still a family even after his mother has passed away..

After my first wife passed I thought of the desire at 38 at the time if to have kids.I dated a woman for while who wanted kids and we did try.But never had any..after few years we did not work out and I met another woman who’s kids were grown but had baby grandchildren ..Which the grandkids filled a void for a while , but the heart ache of never having my own daughter always haunted me..

Many nights I actually have tears that I wanted to be a father and a dad,I wanted a daughter something bad..This day and I have so much heart ache and depression for never having my own kids..Yes people it does hurt so bad even to a man..And I’m to tell you it’s true honest depression ..

my life just doesn’t feel complete, am I crazy for these feelings , I don’t know, has any men felt like this,can someone help ease my mind ,will feeling of heart ache ever leave..44F2CA5E-A0F2-4C84-BD45-196FA1D52B94.jpegan empty crib,,makes my heart ache..I love kids and adore kids ..

So in the end I loved all my step kids and grandkids.. but that feeling of someone saying daddy,and never hearing that hurts after all these years..

would I ever give up hope ,,are you ever to old , i say no never give up or you are too old..

i know this was a post maybe many don’t understand  but I just felt like I had express my feeling as childless man..


  1. Now I understand the picture. I’m sorry that you haven’t had any as of yet. I hope you find that special person that wants to have one with you too.

  2. Congratulations on finding the courage to open yourself up this way, I admire and respect you my brother.
    I say this because I too am in my 50’s and my wife and I are also childless, it is only now that I am allowing myself to grieve, to let out all the emotion that I held deep inside for many years.
    I am part of the World Childless Week organisation that is trying to reach out to all those childless around the world, giving them a safe place to express their emotions and find comfort with others that understand.
    I am a lonely voice for us males and am always looking for my childless brothers to join me in giving us a voice in this community we didn’t really want to belong too.
    Warmest Regards


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