Christopher Robin (movie review ) Winnie the Pooh

Today I went to go see the movie

Christopher Robin(Winnie the Pooh)

I am a huge Winnie the Pooh fan,I collect Winnie the Pooh items,so yes this was a must see for me..

well for me the movie started a little slow at first ,which was understandable to get the story line set up.

Now as far as rest of the movie , I loved it..the characters were spot on and far as the voices and actions a very good job, no complaints on that at all ..Now fir my favorite character,Winnie the Pooh ,,absolutely wonderful and spot on to me.Pooh Bear just melts your heart,and he brings out a lot of emotions ..Pooh Bear to me was amazingly done ,I love Pooh in this movie.he even got me little emotional in parts ..

so my review is if you are a Pooh fan you will love it,,if you are not a Pooh fan you prob will not like the movie as much as me,,But it is cute and funny and adorable ,,


  1. Pooh is my favorite! The stories are so sweet. I love Pooh and piglet together. One of my favorite stories is Pooh Sticks.

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