My first attempt at fashion design.Pattern sew skirt

This was my first ever attempt to do some fashion design.. I chose a new look easy pattern #s0182.I purchased a nice sewing machine from Michaels. Which I used to make kitchen cabinet curtains and valance.  I have a high interest in fashion design and love watching all fashion shows. I have not had a sewing class since the 7 th grade. So I decided to do ready made pattern to learn the basics.. I have to say I learned lots by doing this simple design, to those with no true sewing knowledge it was harder, till you learn all terminology..I chose a material close to same design / color on pattern package. After few mistakes and cutting the material wrong. I had to impervise the design and ended up doing my own panels for skirt ,since I did not do follow the correct folding.. So I used the basic pattern idea and finished the skirt with some of my own design..after all mishaps and variations in design generally my skirt came out ok.. Given this was my first attempt. And I realize I need learn few more of technical terms I’m happy with it.. Thanks for looking


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