Living room cabinets makeover/ redo

I am transforming this dated living room built in entertainment/ cabinets.Taking this blah to a piece of beauty.First thing you need to do is decide on color of  center, and a all in one poly/ stain for the doors .The owner here chose a darker color for wall areas.The doors they chose a cherry all in one finish..What we did first was remove all doors and hardware . Then remove all glass shelving . The back and side walls were painted with color chosen by homeowner.the doors once removed were laid out on a drop cloth. The hardware was removed and to be reused, you may decide to get new hardware, that is an option if you choose. Then you will lightly sand all doors with smooth sandpaper. Just scuff them do not leave heavy sanding marks.Next gather your all in one poly/stain, some paint thinner, and a good high quality paint brush( one for stain).  Getting the right look with an all in one finish is little tricky. So keep the pain thinner and some paint rags handy. Because if you do not like how first coat comes out , or is too uneven or blotchy. If this occurs you can take thinner and remove the poly from the doors with little light cleaning .(for me get first coat I was happy with took 2 tries ).On this project I decided I wanted to do 3 coats to achieve the finish I wanted.(best after I tried 2 attempts to do 3 light coats).After you are happy with your first coat let dry completely , next day if possible . Same as before apply a second coat , light brush strokes and even. Be careful here, since first coat is dry any mistakes now and you won’t be able to remove . Just do a nice even coat. Once again we will let this dry.Finally we apply our third coat, and we see the beauty and change to our doors .Now it’s time to put our hardware back in and replace the doors  onto our entertainment center.Then wow what a difference.I really like the color they chose for wall areas , goes good with tile floors .The color of the doors look great against the colors they chose . Any questions on this or staining feel free to ask

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