Teapots/ Teacups& saucers used in kitchen makeover 

Welcome to my little kitchen project. During a remodel of kitchen ,which is a country design blended with a more modern design .My original idea was to find vintage kitchen items to use as decor, then one day at a home goods I saw some various animal teapots. As usual with my style when I see something I know that’s it ,that’s my design choice.( I have always have these ideas in my head and  when I see the right item, decor piece or color , you just know it’s right). I started out with just double shelf . Then it became so much fun to search places for more unique and odd teapots . To add more teapots we added a shelf along back window and side window and lower ledge. During this process I decided during my searches to add teacups and saucers into the decor, which I really think defines the space. The search still continues for more teapots and cups/ saucers to finish the shelves and back walls. How we decided to purchase the items  to make it fun. Was not to do online buying for most part. Decided to do flea markets, auctions, antique stores, department stores . Yard sales,thrift stores. This makes search so much more fun. Over time search to find more and more unique items is little difficult now, but that’s the challenge. These teapots range from just several dollars ,to most expensive one is about several hundred. I actually look for bargains since I just want them as decor, and not resale values.. As you can also see in pics the the slotted walls  with aged, multi colored antiqued finish I did piece by piece , all by hand. Those walls were a project just them selves.. The walls and teapots really do compliment my kitchen design that I wanted to achieve.Please if you have question about teapot or the walls I did. Feel free ask


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