Stain and varnishing a wood door

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    welcome to another renew/ redo project. This is a project of stain/ varnish a new wood front door.This door is done to my liking to fit my decor , you can always adjust color, coverage of stain to your liking. I will give you my advice on how to do the project.
  • Tools supplies needed
  • quart of oil stain(your color choice)
  • Quart of varnish/ polyurethane / oil/your choice I chose sikkens oil base varnishing satin finish
  • Good brush
  • smooth sandpaper
  • dust rag/stain rag
  • mineral spirits(i.e. You are using oil base )
  •  Denatured alcohol
  • sanding sealer
  • pre stain conditioner
  • Steps for doing the door 
  • lightly sand any marks from hanging the door/ or scuff marks from the place of purchase
  • clean door with  the alcohol
  • This step I feel is one most important step that most people never do…. This is to apply a pre stain conditioner, reason for this is to make sure the wood does not come out blotchy,and takes stain  more evenly.
  • After you apply pre stain after few minutes( check can for time), you can now apply your stain .( if possible use scrap piece wood to see how long you want stain to penetrate, longer for more darker the color. After you decide how long apply stain let set for your time then wipe off all excess with a clean rag/ cloth ..
  • as you will see in my door I chose a teal color, I did not want the door to be solid looking. I prefer as much as wood showing thru. This color and stain finish fits with my decor.. You can always adjust amount you want .
  • Ir you feel in did not come out as dark as you wanted you can apply second coat of stain.
  • after stain dries for at least an hour( check can for time). I like to wait about 2 hours..
  • Now another step most people do not do is after  the staining is to apply a sanding sealer( this protects stain for light sanding. And gives more even surface for your varnish).. Let sanding sealer dry
  • your next step is to lightly sand your door to remove raised grain from staining ..
  • after sanding gather your poly / varnish product you chose.. I chose a sikkens oil satin varnish , great product, great u/v protection , and is good for beginner because of  its thicker base you get less runs.this product does take longer to dry..
  • next I recommend two coats of varnish, before doing second coat lightly sand the door and apply a second coat
  • please any questions about this project or staining , ask in comments below

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