Eliminating Sugar From MY Diet

This is blog about a home project , my body.

This is how I gave up the white devil,(SUGAR).

It started as a 30 day no junk food challenge.

I took challenge and decided to just eliminate most of my sugar(still need little bit. In your diet).My biggest challenge was eliminating sodas from my diet( I think this made the most difference in my health).Yes it was hard at first I did enjoy cold glass Pepsi ..Next thing was i became a label reader, everything I buy I read label look for sugar content,. (It’s amazing what is in foods.). No more late night cake and ice creams or cookies, now it’s bananas, crackers,  and more nuts. And in general healthy snacks.I don’t eat big meals so I use small meal with light snack method.. To replace my soda I find now I drink 5 times as much water , no more sweet tea now it’s unsweet tea,which I do like . And my coffee went from 3 teaspoons sugar down to 1/2 teaspoon to none now.. Surprising I really don’t miss sugar as I thought I would..

By doing this sugarless diet I went from  waist size of 36 down to waist size of 30., losing over 30 pounds( that’s about all I can afford to lose now)..

My energy has gone up, my digestion is so much better, now am more regular,I go on nice long walks, and one most important is I do not feel sick to my stomach all the time.. I give no medical or statistics here just my results and I am so happy I did sugarless diet.. Comments gladly accepted with any healthy suggestions also


  1. You re proof it works. I have never taken sugar in anything, apart from what is already there. I drink a gallon of water a day, and tiny meals, which include protein shakes, fruit, and nuts. It’s great to have a healthy body, especially at my age.

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