Rescued From The Trash

img_1257My Garden Gnome Project

Welcome to my little garden gnome project.We came across these worn out gnomes on a job site we  were working at.I saw the beauty in saving these guys from being thrown out in the trash .I have a yard which have various garden decorations and these would fit in perfectly.

So I took these guys and decided to clean them with just little bit of bleach and scrub brush ,after the cleaning I took a wirebrush and removed all the old flaking paint… I purchased some spray primer , this way the new paint would be able to adhere to surface( important step so they don’t flake again).Now just round up various colors of paint, what brand or kind doesn’t matter. I used acrylic paint that had been used for craft projects done at home.. Few types artist brushes and few paint colors and these little guys are brought back to life ..Now after all painting is done , to protect the paint and to keep from fading, purchase a can of spray polyurethane/ varnish(what sheen is up to you.).i would just give them like 3 light coats for extra protection

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