Secret to life is not staying young But to be able to grow old

Hello and welcome, the other day I heard this phrase as I was listening to a program.As I sat there and thought about this and came to realize how true this is.Yes we all would like to be young and we all know we will age and get old,, yes the magic words is to get old.We say  to our selves ,I’m never getting ,old but the journey to getting old should make getting old worth it.I want to get old which means I’m still on this earth alive and still enjoying my old age and especially the journey I took to get there ..I think that’s what it means to get old is that you enjoyed your journey , lived a good life, a fun life,had many adventures ,and never regret one day .In the pics is of my 98 year old grandmother and grandfather ( yes the good looking guy is me,, ok I’m telling little joke there haha).My grandparents enjoyed everyday and they also have stated to me they don’t regret getting old because they lived,They were always active bowled several times a week always on adventure camping, .They never regretted a single day .I want that to be me,I want to grow old along with my family and I ask am I right on this statement is the secret to be able to grow old or am I backwards that the secret is to stay young.Again we can grow old and think young, act young, even try to look young but are we really,I enjoy my life , I do adventures ,have best fun I can, love my friends and family, and I prob do to much that my body says no to,,So I feel I’m growing old ,many more years as I grown old I would have found the secret..I don’t know if I made a lot of sense but thank you all for reading


    • Thank you very much,, I went thru when my wife passed at early age few years ago,, as in an another blog how I talked about how she came back to me and let me know it was ok,, and I decided to live life,, have beautiful day,, and a big hug to you

  1. It’s so true. Your grandparents must have the required “positive attitude” as well.

    I keep staring at my new Medicare card… like it cannot possibly be true. I’ve always associated the card with going to get my Mom’s meds…it’s so strange to suddenly find myself with proof that I’m also old. I don’t know who first coined this phrase, but it’s true too. ” I always knew that I’d get old, but I never thought that it would happen so soon.”

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